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Please review below some common data access failures
that we can repair for you

Common early warning signs of Hard Drive failure
  • Frequent Freezing and Crashing
  • Clicking, Whirring or Other Unusual Noises
  • Burning Electronics Smell
  • Excessive Fan Noises
  • Operating System Will Not Boot
  • Failure to Mount or Recognize Attached Media
  • Power Issues
  • Computer Cannot Boot Past BIOS
Common Flash Devices failure
  • Broken USB Connection
  • Snapped or Overheated Electronics
  • Memory Wear from Excessive Use
  • Accidental Deletion or Formatting
  • Virus Damage
  • File Corruption
  • Missing or Damaged Files
  • Smoke, Fire or Water Damage
Common SSD failure
  • Physical or Electronic Component Damage
  • File Corruption Caused by Software or Operating System Issues
  • Bad Sectors
  • Memory Wear Caused by Excessive Overwrites
  • Accidental File Deletion
  • Damage from Viruses, Trojan Horses and Other Malicious Programs
  • Fires, Floods and Other Natural Disasters
The most common cause of DATA loss on iPhone, Smartphone
  • Accidentally Deleted
  • Phone drop to the floor
  • Water damage
  • Unit empty after software update
  • Password or PIN lost
  • Gone spontaneously broken

When Disaster Strikes, it is important to think clearly and keep cool

  1. Shut down the computer to avoid further damage to the drive and its DATA and then disconnect its power source.
  2. Do not try to restart it.
  3. Place the device in a safe place where it will not be jostled, broken, or will become too warm or cold.
  4. Do not attempt recovery yourself. You could lose your DATA completely.
  5. If you’ve lost critical data, NVLaptops recovery service is your best and safest option.
  6. Never assume data is unrecoverable.
  7. NVLaptops has successfully recovered data from hundreds of thousands of drives with extreme physical and logical damage.
  8. The first few moments after DATA loss are crucial, so be cautions with the device and call NVLaptops.

Data Recovery Service Conditions

  • Please note the Data Recovery charge within the quotation is based on retrieval of any data not all data (or specified data).Should you require specific data recovered and it is technically possible, NVLaptops may be able to provide a data list of visible data, please discuss this with your Data Recovery Advisors upon submission.
  • Please note that if a donor drive is required for part replacement we will quote on this as required. If the recovery is not successful and a donor has been purchased, the price of the donor drive and/or labor will be deductible.
  • Please note that NVLaptops provides a Data Recovery service, not a System Restore service.
  • Please also be aware that once the recovered data has been placed on a drive, this drive will not have an operating system and therefore not a bootable drive.
  • Please note that any unit sent in for Data Recovery evaluation may need to be opened by the NVLaptops Data Recovery team in a controlled environment, NVLaptops reserves the right to do this as required.

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