Motherboard Repairs

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Motherboard Repairs

Motherboard failure symptoms:
Laptop shows no activity when you try to turn it on
System crashes any strange system behaviour
Intermittent 'no reason' system shut down
Unrecognised hard drives and other devices

Why it happens:
This type of faulty behaviour can be caused by failure of a simple resistor or a major component. It is very difficult to diagnose mainboard failures as all components there are very small. BIOS (basic input-output system) software can be corrupted and this also can cause the problem. There are very many power circuits on every board of your laptop and failure of even single one of those can also result in a broken motherboard.

What we do:
Motherboard problems are very difficult to diagnose and repair. Every year laptops become smaller, lighter and more powerfull - this can be done only by using smallest electronic components available. Some smallest components like diods, resistors, capacitors are barely visible to the naked eye. On top of that every board is multilayer (6-14 layers in 1 mm thing board ) in fact it is a sandwich ofmillions of components. That is why it is very difficult to diagnose what causes the problem. However at North Van Laptop we can diagnose and fix the problem on the laptop motherboards.

How much:
Unfortunately it is impossible to estimate the cost of the motherboard repair before detailed verification. We will let you know exact pricing before starting any repairs or services and verification is free.
Motherboard repairs price start from $45 including parts and service.

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