Liquid Damaged Laptops Issues

Have you spilled liquid on your laptop? Don’t panic, we can help!

Screen Repair

What we're proud of:
What most companies can offer you in case your laptop damaged by liquid? — 'Do not try to turn on your Laptop and bring it to us and we will try to dry it for you for hundred bucks' — they say. If it's just water then sometimes it works but most often — does not.

But how about cup of sweet tea or a glass of wine or, maybe, a full big glass of orange juce? We've seen it all before and yes — we've fixed it, at North Van Laptop we've got something in our pocket for this kind of laptop problem. Our solution is much more complex and complicated than simply drying but it works way better.

How much:
It is not very cheap as this kind of repair involves many procedures and plenty of time. We will let you know exact pricing before starting any repair. Price starts from $90 including parts and service.

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