Parts Replacement

Keyboard, Hard Drive, A/C Adapter, Battery and lots of other parts replacments.

Parts Replacements

Common laptop LCD screen / display / panel failure symptoms when replacement needed:

  • Broken LCD or cracked laptop display
  • Spider crack breakage
  • Lines on screen faded display
  • Decolorization of LCD
  • Banded or stripped laptop screen

Why it happens?

Laptop LCD is most fragile and most expensive part in laptop. Little pressure on display will shatter laptop LCD into pieces. Laptops with Cracked screens no doubt needs LCD replacement. Loose joints and tabs can cause lines and bands on LCDs. Laptops with bleeding LCD or Leaking TFTs need screen replacements.

How much it can cost?

You will find that our prices on LCD laptops screen are very reasonable. We mostly charge (including installation) from $99 for 12 inch laptop screen replacement, from $39 for 14 inch laptop LCD replacement, from $59 for 15 inch laptop screen replacements, from $69 for 15.4 inch LCD replacements, from $79 for 17 inch LCD replacement.

Most of displays we stock in house. Less then 12 inch displays and other uncommon laptop LCD replacement charges might be more depending upon our purchase price. It is hard to cross reference LCD part number> from laptop model number so the best way to get you screen repaced is to bring or ship it to us. Shipping of laptop to us usally around $10-20.

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