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AC Power Adapter for HP Laptop - 90 Watts, 19 Volts, 4.74 Amps

Connector Size: 5.5mm x 2.5mm Round

$ 44
Out of Stock

Compatible With:

Omnibook 2100

Omnibook 3000

Omnibook 3100

Omnibook 4000

Omnibook 4100

Omnibook 4150

Omnibook 500

Omnibook 6000

Omnibook 7000

Omnibook 7100

Omnibook 7150

Omnibook 900

Omnibook XE

Omnibook XE2

Omnibook XE3

Omnibook XT

Omnibook XZ

Omnibook ZE

Omnibook ZT

Pavilion 3270

Pavilion 5170

Pavilion DC709A

Pavilion N3000

Pavilion N3100

Pavilion N3150

Pavilion N3250

Pavilion N3290

Pavilion N3295

Pavilion N3310

Pavilion N3330

Pavilion N3350

Pavilion N3370

Pavilion N3390

Pavilion N3410

Pavilion N5000

Pavilion N5100

Pavilion N5125

Pavilion N5130

Pavilion N5150

Pavilion N5190

Pavilion N5195

Pavilion N5200

Pavilion N5210

Pavilion N5270

Pavilion N5290

Pavilion N5295

Pavilion N5300

Pavilion N5340

Pavilion N5350

Pavilion N5380

Pavilion N5390

Pavilion N5395

Pavilion N5400

Pavilion N5511L

Pavilion N5584

Pavilion XT276

Pavilion XT375

Pavilion XT412

Pavilion XT4345QV

Pavilion XT4345QV DC978A

Pavilion XT4345QV DC978AR

Pavilion XT4345QV DF835A

Pavilion XT4345QV DF835AR

Pavilion XT5366WM

Pavilion XT537QV

Pavilion XT537QV DC966A

Pavilion XT537QV DC966AR

Pavilion XT537QV DF861A

Pavilion XT537QV DF861AR

Pavilion XT537QV DK941A

Pavilion XT537QV DK941AR

Pavilion XT545

Pavilion XT5477WM

Pavilion XT5477WM DK570A

Pavilion XT5477WM DK570AR

Pavilion XT595

Pavilion XT595 DC753A

Pavilion XT595 DC753AR

Pavilion XT595 DE861A

Pavilion XT595 DE861AR

Pavilion XT595 DE862A

Pavilion XT595 DE862AR

Pavilion XT595 DE863A

Pavilion XT595 DE863AR

Pavilion XZ185

Pavilion XZ275

Pavilion XZ295

Pavilion XZ355

Pavilion ZE1200

Pavilion ZE1201

Pavilion ZE1202

Pavilion ZE1210

Pavilion ZE1230

Pavilion ZE1250

Pavilion ZE1260

Pavilion ZE4000

Pavilion ZE4100

Pavilion ZE4115

Pavilion ZE4125

Pavilion ZE4145

Pavilion ZE4200

Pavilion ZE4201

Pavilion ZE4202

Pavilion ZE4202S

Pavilion ZE4204

Pavilion ZE4204S

Pavilion ZE4205

Pavilion ZE4206

Pavilion ZE4206S

Pavilion ZE4207

Pavilion ZE4208

Pavilion ZE4208S

Pavilion ZE4209

Pavilion ZE4210

Pavilion ZE4211

Pavilion ZE4212S

Pavilion ZE4214

Pavilion ZE4214S

Pavilion ZE4215

Pavilion ZE4217

Pavilion ZE4218

Pavilion ZE4219

Pavilion ZE4220

Pavilion ZE4221

Pavilion ZE4222

Pavilion ZE4224

Pavilion ZE4228

Pavilion ZE4229

Pavilion ZE4229 DC762A

Pavilion ZE4229 DC762AR

Pavilion ZE4230

Pavilion ZE4231

Pavilion ZE4232

Pavilion ZE4232S

Pavilion ZE4234

Pavilion ZE4234S

Pavilion ZE4236

Pavilion ZE4239

Pavilion ZE4239 DC763A

Pavilion ZE4239 DC763AR

Pavilion ZE4240

Pavilion ZE4241

Pavilion ZE4251

Pavilion ZE4258

Pavilion ZE4261

Pavilion ZE4262

Pavilion ZE4268

Pavilion ZE4271

Pavilion ZE4274

Pavilion ZE4274S

Pavilion ZE4278

Pavilion ZE4281

Pavilion ZE4282

Pavilion ZE4282S

Pavilion ZE4284

Pavilion ZE4288

Pavilion ZE4292

Pavilion ZE4294

Pavilion ZE4298

Pavilion ZE4300

Pavilion ZE4301

Pavilion ZE4302

Pavilion ZE4305

Pavilion ZE4305EA

Pavilion ZE4306

Pavilion ZE4306WM

Pavilion ZE4307

Pavilion ZE4307 DF567A

Pavilion ZE4308

Pavilion ZE4310

Pavilion ZE4310EA

Pavilion ZE4311

Pavilion ZE4312

Pavilion ZE4313

Pavilion ZE4314

Pavilion ZE4314EA

Pavilion ZE4315

Pavilion ZE4315CA

Pavilion ZE4315CA DG018A

Pavilion ZE4315CA DG023A

Pavilion ZE4315US

Pavilion ZE4315US DC958A

Pavilion ZE4315US DC958AR

Pavilion ZE4316

Pavilion ZE4317

Pavilion ZE4318

Pavilion ZE4318US

Pavilion ZE4319

Pavilion ZE4320

Pavilion ZE4321

Pavilion ZE4325

Pavilion ZE4325CA

Pavilion ZE4325CA DG020A

Pavilion ZE4325CA DG024A

Pavilion ZE4325US

Pavilion ZE4325US DC975A

Pavilion ZE4325US DC975AR

Pavilion ZE4326

Pavilion ZE4328

Pavilion ZE4328US

Pavilion ZE4332

Pavilion ZE4333

Pavilion ZE4334

Pavilion ZE4335

Pavilion ZE4335CA

Pavilion ZE4335US

Pavilion ZE4335US DC950AR

Pavilion ZE4335US DC962AR

Pavilion ZE4335US DC976A

Pavilion ZE4335US DC976AR

Pavilion ZE4335US DF762A

Pavilion ZE4335US DF836A

Pavilion ZE4335US DF836AR

Pavilion ZE4336

Pavilion ZE4355

Pavilion ZE4355US

Pavilion ZE4356

Pavilion ZE4358

Pavilion ZE4358US

Pavilion ZE4360

Pavilion ZE4365

Pavilion ZE4365US

Pavilion ZE4367

Pavilion ZE4400

Pavilion ZE4401

Pavilion ZE4401US

Pavilion ZE4402

Pavilion ZE4402US

Pavilion ZE4403

Pavilion ZE4404

Pavilion ZE4410

Pavilion ZE4410CA

Pavilion ZE4417EA

Pavilion ZE4420

Pavilion ZE4420CA

Pavilion ZE4420CA DK593A

Pavilion ZE4420CA DK595A

Pavilion ZE4420US

Pavilion ZE4422

Pavilion ZE4423

Pavilion ZE4430

Pavilion ZE4430US

Pavilion ZE4453

Pavilion ZE4454

Pavilion ZE4455

Pavilion ZE4455EA

Pavilion ZE4500

Pavilion ZE4501

Pavilion ZE4501US

Pavilion ZE4502

Pavilion ZE4502US

Pavilion ZE4504

Pavilion ZE4505

Pavilion ZE4507

Pavilion ZE4508

Pavilion ZE4509

Pavilion ZE4510

Pavilion ZE4525

Pavilion ZE4525US

Pavilion ZE4526

Pavilion ZE4530

Pavilion ZE4530US

Pavilion ZE4537

Pavilion ZE4540

Pavilion ZE4540CA

Pavilion ZE4540US

Pavilion ZE4545

Pavilion ZE4545US

Pavilion ZE4546

Pavilion ZE4547

Pavilion ZE4550

Pavilion ZE4560

Pavilion ZE4560US

Pavilion ZE4600

Pavilion ZE4601

Pavilion ZE4601US

Pavilion ZE4602

Pavilion ZE4602US

Pavilion ZE4603

Pavilion ZE4604

Pavilion ZE4604US

Pavilion ZE4605

Pavilion ZE4605US

Pavilion ZE4620

Pavilion ZE4620US

Pavilion ZE4624

Pavilion ZE4624US

Pavilion ZE4630

Pavilion ZE4630US

Pavilion ZE4640

Pavilion ZE4640US

Pavilion ZE5000

Pavilion ZE5155

Pavilion ZE5170

Pavilion ZE5185

Pavilion ZE5200

Pavilion ZE5279

Pavilion ZE5300

Pavilion ZE5360

Pavilion ZE5362

Pavilion ZE5365

Pavilion ZE5365US

Pavilion ZE5367

Pavilion ZE5367US

Pavilion ZE5375

Pavilion ZE5375US

Pavilion ZE5385

Pavilion ZE5385US

Pavilion ZE5395

Pavilion ZE5395US

Pavilion ZE5395US DC945AV

Pavilion ZE5395US DC964A

Pavilion ZE5395US DC964AR

Pavilion ZE5395US DC965A

Pavilion ZE5395US DC965AR

Pavilion ZE5395US DC967A

Pavilion ZE5395US DC967AR

Pavilion ZE5395US DC968A

Pavilion ZE5395US DC968AR

Pavilion ZE5395US DF809A

Pavilion ZE5395US DF862A

Pavilion ZE5395US DG070A

Pavilion ZE5400

Pavilion ZE5407

Pavilion ZE5410

Pavilion ZE5413

Pavilion ZE5415

Pavilion ZE5450

Pavilion ZE5451

Pavilion ZE5451US

Pavilion ZE5457

Pavilion ZE5460

Pavilion ZE5460US

Pavilion ZE5462

Pavilion ZE5467

Pavilion ZE5468

Pavilion ZE5468CL

Pavilion ZE5470

Pavilion ZE5470US

Pavilion ZE5475

Pavilion ZE5475CA

Pavilion ZE5478

Pavilion ZE5478CL

Pavilion ZE5490

Pavilion ZE5490US

Pavilion ZE5490US DK564A

Pavilion ZE5490US DK564AR

Pavilion ZE5490US DK565A

Pavilion ZE5490US DK565AR

Pavilion ZE5490US DK566A

Pavilion ZE5490US DK566AR

Pavilion ZE5490US DK567A

Pavilion ZE5490US DK567AR

Pavilion ZE5490US DK569A

Pavilion ZE5490US DK569AR

Pavilion ZE5490US DL404A

Pavilion ZE5490US DL683AV

Pavilion ZE5490US DN837A

Pavilion ZE5497

Pavilion ZE5500

Pavilion ZE5501

Pavilion ZE5501US

Pavilion ZE5504

Pavilion ZE5505

Pavilion ZE5506

Pavilion ZE5507

Pavilion ZE5560

Pavilion ZE5560US

Pavilion ZE5565

Pavilion ZE5565QV

Pavilion ZE5568

Pavilion ZE5568CL

Pavilion ZE5570

Pavilion ZE5570US

Pavilion ZE5575

Pavilion ZE5580

Pavilion ZE5580US

Pavilion ZE5587

Pavilion ZE5590

Pavilion ZE5590US

Pavilion ZE5600

Pavilion ZE5602

Pavilion ZE5602US

Pavilion ZE5603

Pavilion ZE5603US

Pavilion ZE5604

Pavilion ZE5605

Pavilion ZE5607WM

Pavilion ZE5610

Pavilion ZE5610CA

Pavilion ZE5615

Pavilion ZE5615CA

Pavilion ZE5617

Pavilion ZE5617WM

Pavilion ZE5618

Pavilion ZE5618CL

Pavilion ZE5730

Pavilion ZE5730US

Pavilion ZE5731

Pavilion ZE5731US

Pavilion ZE5732

Pavilion ZT1000

Pavilion ZT1100

Pavillion ZE4300 (CTO-AMD)

Pavillion ZE4300 DD507A

Pavilion ZE5279 DC673AR

Pavilion ZE5279 DC673A

Pavilion XT595 DC672AR

Pavilion XT595 DC672A

Pavilion ZE5279 DC671AR

Pavilion ZE5279 DC671A

Pavilion XT276 DC603AR

Pavilion XT276 DC603A

Pavilion ZE4236 DC602AR

Pavilion ZE4236 DC602A

Pavilion ZE4219 DC594A

Pavilion ZE4219 DC592AR

Pavilion ZE4219 DC592A

Pavilion ZE4224 DC591AR

Pavilion ZE4224 DC591A

Pavilion ZE4230 DC590AR

Pavilion ZE4230 DC590A

Pavilion ZE4230 DB953AR

Pavilion ZE4230 DB953A

Pavilion ZE5279 DB399A

Pavilion XT595 DB397A

Pavilion ZE5279 DB396A

Pavilion ZE5279 DB395A

Pavilion ZE4230 DB386AR

Pavilion ZE4230 DB386A

Pavilion ZE4230 DB385AR

Pavilion ZE4230 DB385A

Pavilion XT276 DA732AV

Pavilion XT276 DA731AV

Pavilion ZE4230 DA726AV

Pavilion ZE5395US DA723AV

Pavillion ZE4300 DA720AV

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