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AC Power Adapter for HP Laptop - 120 Watts, 19 Volts, 6.3 Amps

Connector Size: 5.5mm x 2.5mm Round

$ 39

Compatible With:



Pavillion ZD7000

Pavillion ZV5000

Pavillion ZV5100

Pavillion ZV5200

Pavillion ZV5300

Pavillion ZV5400

Pavillion ZX5000

Pavillion ZX5100

Pavillion ZX5200

Pavillion ZX5300

Pavillion 3005US

Pavillion 3008CL

Pavillion 3015CA

Pavillion 3015US

Pavillion 3017CL

Pavillion 3019CL

Pavillion 3020US

Pavillion DC924A

Pavillion DC924AR

Pavillion DC925A

Pavillion DC925AR

Pavillion DG956A

Pavillion DG956AR

Pavillion DG958A

Pavillion DG958AR

Pavillion DG959A

Pavillion DG959AR

Pavillion DM788A

Pavillion DM788AR

Pavillion DM790A

Pavillion DM790AR

Pavillion DM791A

Pavillion DM791AR

Pavillion DM793A

Pavillion DM793AR

Pavillion DN730AV

Pavillion DP353E

Pavillion DP446U

Pavillion DP447U

Pavillion DP448U

Pavillion DP448UR

Pavillion DP761E

Pavillion DP762E

Pavillion DP763E

Pavillion DP764E

Pavillion DP765E

Pavillion DP766E

Pavillion DP767E

Pavillion DP768E

Pavillion DP769E

Pavillion DP770E

Pavillion DR089U

Pavillion DR089UR

Pavillion DR340U

Pavillion DR761E

Pavillion DR762E

Pavillion DR768E

Pavillion DR769E

Pavillion DR770E

Pavillion DT859U

Pavillion ZD5000

Pavillion ZD7012EA

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